About the Bean Team:


Square Bean all started in Dillsburg, PA, a small town twenty minutes south east of Carlisle.  We opened on the square of Dillsburg about five years ago and have enjoyed serving the community excellent coffee beverages and cafe style dishes ever since.  We have a dedicated crowd of regulars in dillsburg, and we hope to cultivate that here in Carlisle as well! 


As a family owned and run business, you may see several familiar faces overlap at each location.  Jonathan and Taylor primarily have the pleasure of serving you here in Carlisle, while Jeff and Alyssa run our Dillsburg location.  Feel free to ask us about our story - we’d love to start a conversation with you!

Square Bean Choice Menu:

At Square Bean Carlisle, we believe in local, sustainable food. That's why we've introduced the Square Bean Choice menu. The Choice menu is a locally sourced, farm-to-table themed menu that incorporates organic and sustainably farmed ingredients. In addition to this, our in-house dietitian hand crafts these dishes with a nutritional component in order to make these dishes healthy and delicious as well. We are committed to the community in Carlisle, and that's why we love supporting our local farms through our Choice menu.

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